Reactor Water Cleanup

The Reactor Water Cleanup (RWCU) system in a BWR plant is used to remove contaminants from the reactor water. Precoat filter systems (Powdex) are the process of choice for this application. The reactor water is cooled, treated by the RWCU system, and returned to the reactor. The Powdex® Condensate Polisher provides simultaneous filtration and deionization of reactor water.

The new design enhancements of Graver’s precoat filters allow the new RWCU cleanup systems to treat twice the flow of the original designs, as proven by Organo Corporation in Japan. Experience in the United States has showed a significant enhancement in the removal of activated corrosion products with IFD compared to those without IFD.

Counterflow Splash Fill Tower

The Counterflow splash fill cooling tower is the predecessor to the Counterflow film fill cooling tower. Proven with nearly 60 years of service, the Counterflow splash fill cooling tower is best suited for industrial applications where water quality is not controlled. A robust structure, minimal air inlet height and forgiving splash cooling technology provides for ease of operation and long life. Available in a various flow rates and fills.

Upgrade Existing Counterflow Tower

Expansions, debottlenecking or increased demand for cooling requires more from your cooling tower. The easiest of tower designs to upgrade, counterflow towers can generally accept additional cooling capacity. Addition of high efficiency fills and drift elminators, modern mechanical equipment and improved water distribution can individually or collectively provide the solution you require. Contact us for an evaluation of your current conditions and upgrade potential.